The aim of the Green Chemistry Master's course is to provide students with the necessary skills to innovate towards more sustainable chemistry. Down the road they will be able to join academia or R&D teams in small or large industrial groups. The course will train high level graduates who will join the high ranks of the chemical industry, mainly in fine chemistry. They will be tomorrow's innovators for cleaner and more efficient chemistry, and will be at the cornerstone of the debate between all actors of sustainable development. The proposed course can, depending on the student's professional project, facilitate his hiring after graduation, or lead on to the preparation of a PhD. To this end, the course is associated with various research laboratories locally in accordance with the Sciences de la Matière graduate school.

It also has links with various local and national companies.

This master is common between the two institutes: UT3/FSI and INP/ENSIACET.
The programme’s intended learning outcomes are for students to provide the essential tools to develop clean and safe processes, respectful of the environment and to innovate in favour of a sustainable chemistry, in particular in the fields of alternative media, catalysis, processes respectful of the environment, the degradation of pollutants, the design of polymers and biodegradable materials, alternative chemical methods for energy, and methods of chemical valorisation of biomass. Aspects of regulatory policies, legislation, toxicity, ecotoxicity, life cycle analysis and project management are also covered.

The M1 course is taught in French and the M2 course is taught entirely in English.

This master has the labelisation "cursus master Ingenierie" (réseau Figure).


Admission into M2 green chemistry is garanteed for any student holding an M1 green chemistry from UPS. For students holding an M1 from another course or another university, admission will be reviewed based on the student's credentials.

How to apply:

Fill your application on the university's application platform.

  • from 18 April to 20 May 2022 : online application
  • registrations: from 06 to 22 July

For Campus France students, please consult the website.

Programme overview

Information meeting

Thursday, 1st September 2022 10:05 am


The timetable can be downloaded.


 Several information on MCCA, internship, books, evaluation...can be downloaded here.

How establish your internship agreement?

You will find attached the UPS internship agreement procedure.

Master defense

Internship: from  4 January 2023 to Tuesday 27 June 2023.
The oral examinations for lab internships/defense: from Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 June 2023.